From flat pack to elegant flower vase

The one-of-a-kind and design-protected Grab and Go vase from Power Vase provides the perfect cut flower gift solution in combination with any bouquet. The flower container is perfect for receptions or as a hostess gift – especially in situations when the receiver runs the risk of running out of flower vases – or time to arrange the flowers.

100 % waterproof packaging solution

Holding water for 3 weeks, the stylish and 100 % waterproof Grab and Go vase secures the vitality and prolongs the lifespan of your flower gift – without the need of any supplementing flower containers: A convenient and elegant packaging solution designed to increase the value of the key product – your bouquets.

Grab and Go flower vases

The Grab and Go concept increases the ability to offer gift solutions that competes with other products in the gift-category by making Power Vase’s flower vase a convenient choice with a longer lifespan. At the same time the concept of Grab and Go increases impulse purchases, a flower container placed on the counter, filled with water and flowers – The flower vase is ready to go.

Expose your brand

Opposed to conventionally “wrapped” flowers and packaging solutions where the branded gift wrap is thrown away when received, the Grab and Go vase extends the time of expose of your brand. Power Vase ensures your logo is printed on the flower container and displayed for as long as the flowers last – Our packaging solutions and flower vases are trusted by the largest network of professional florists in Europe, Euroflorist™.

Flat pack – reducing costs

All materials are recyclable and the flat-packed design reduces damage to the environment and minimizes transportation and storage costs.