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Increasing value by design

Introducing innovation to the floral industry is no small task, but in 2010 this was exactly what Power Vase set out to do.

Since then we have established ourselves as one of the market’s most innovative producers of high-end vases for wholesale and flat pack packaging for the international cut flower market. This in close cooperation with some of the most ambitious actors in the wholesale floral industry.

From our studio in Malmö our industrial designers, business developers and florist market experts create innovative wrapping solutions, designed to meet the needs in a competitive international cut flower market. Our flat pack packaging solutions increases the value of the main product – the freshly cut flower bouquet.

Every design from Power Vase is based on extensive knowledge about the end consumers needs and buying patterns – combined with knowledge about trends in the market and the preconditions of vases for wholesale (logistic, storage and transportation costs) for a our customers.

Furthermore we have established the total production- and delivery-setup in close partnership with some of the most modern production facilities in Eastern Europe. This is your guarantee of high quality standards and delivery at the hour. We make ends meet.

The Grab and Go vase is a recent example of how innovative design increases value and business opportunities through clever design.

The full story of the Grab and Go vase

In the business case considering the Grab and Go flat pack packaging we decided to develop a solution that would prolong the lifespan of cut flower bouquets – and which would simultaneously work as both wrapping, paper vase and an elegant transport floral container emphasizing the key element – the freshly cut flowers.

The design-protected Grab and Go vase has celebrated great success on the international market as a unique flat pack packaging solution that meets the needs of both florist, customer and the final recipient.

Power Vase invites you to a dialogue about how we can help you increase the value of your cut flower products for the benefit of both you and your customers.

Best regards,

Malene Vetlejord,  Chief Designer at Power Vase



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