I have always found that cut flowers was a powerful symbol, when showing gratitude, admiration, respect or as a token of love. And I like them to last as long as possible. But...

... after attending numerous conferences, receptions, parties and similar events, I have - to my regret - often experienced that my expensively purchased flowers would suffer the indignity of ending up in ugly plastic buckets. Or in chaotic piles on the gift table. Because the host would run out of vases. There had to be a better way ...

Overall impressions count

Floral packaging design and containers from Power Vase

Grab and Go – flowers in the flow

Convenience is a keyword for the Grab and Go gift bag. The floral design vase comes flat-packed and is assembled in less than a second – fill with water, add flowers and your customer is ready to Grab and Go.

Form follows function

Scandinavian design tradition and minimalism are the main sources of inspiration for the Grab and Go floral container from Power Vase. All unnecessary forms and features are eliminated and this creates the minimalistic approach in favour of the main product – the flower bouquet. The floral packaging is discrete, and the classic colours are designed to fit regardless of the occasion, time of the year or the colour combination of the flowers.

Ensure the longevity of your bouquet

From the moment the flowers are cut, they are very vulnerable. When they instantly enter the Grab and Go plant container, their lifespan will be greatly extended. The floral design vase by Power Vase can hold water for three weeks and thereby increases the value of your main product – the living bouquet.

Power Vase Floral design vase and plant containers
Floral design vase and packaging for flowers from Power Vase

The flat packed floral container

The Grab and Go floral container is delivered flat-packed, and is thereby easy to transport, handle and store. Each floral design vase folds effortlessly to house the bouquet so the customer gets the bouquet in a beautiful, convenient and life-extending floral package.

Recyclable materials

The Grab and Go floral packaging solution is designed for disassembling so that each item – carton, plastic and the satin ribbon – can be source-separated. Furthermore the plant container and its flat-pack floral packaging design minimize energy consumption during transportation.

Classic colours & minimalistic shapes

The Grab and Go Vase comes in three basic colours – light green, cream and black. Every colour is chosen to highlight the bouquet, regardless of season or the colour combination of the bouquet.

The minimalistic shape is designed for discrete and stable embrace of the content, and holds – depending on the chosen vase size – between 20 and 40 cut flowers.

A satin ribbon completes the elegant floral design vase and makes transportation a matter of convenience and distinct elegance.

Power Vase floral design vase - just grab and go

Convenient and elegant display of any bouquet

Floral packaging and floral containers designed by Power Vase